Artist Statement

I have always been looking at objects that occupy space as sculpture. From early when I started making sculpture I  realized I had important need to express a feeling I had about sharing the same molecular makeup with these objects. That desire led me to create work inspired by these inanimate objects we share the world and universe with.  The path became clear as I attempted to recreate these forms into a new form. The tree becomes human, and human becomes tree. The rock takes it’s place in line  to be recognized for its beauty and place in evolution, it too shares the same carbon. As the work developed it became clear that the materials represented different spirit worlds.

The forms are shaped with the simple idea of allowing the material to keep its integrity and from there I expand on their inherent characteristics. This process allows the material to have a voice in the operation and can point to a direction I had not planned to take. Cutting the wood requires me to be ready to meet the challenge of this dynamic, and derive the best cut in order to express the character I plan to expose.  I keep in mind the characteristic of the wood, the concept of the final object, and orchestrating the techniques involved to achieve the final goal. This allows the material some freedom from my control and in exchange we come to an understanding. The bronze castings are treated more fluid in form and follow the developmental path they must take to be rendered. Again keeping process in mind and allowing it partly to dictate the operation, and maintaining their fluid form,  ultimately joining the two materials to create new forms. blending the two dynamics creates new layers and  theories as the two worlds meet. The new layers steeped in their own identity process and history developed new directions in thought and feeling. The two materials come to represent different spirit worlds and as these two worlds are joined, and in turn they create a new physique.